Tuesday, 26 June 2018

So, don’t be afraid to use a company or event logo in your name badges in South Africa.

If you often organize events like conferences, seminars, team-building outings, and expos, the odds are that you have run into name tags nightmares. Talk about misspelling attendees’ names, getting the colours wrong, too small fonts, poor mounting … the list of possible name badges misfires goes on and on.
Here are nine tips to help garner the best conference name tags and avoid such nightmares.
#1. Get the information directly from the attendees
The last thing you want is to make an otherwise avoidable misspelling of a participant name. Even worse, you find that part of the name has been omitted. That’s why it is best to get the information from the horse’s mouth. To do so, get the info for the conference name tags during the RSVP process.
#2. Brand your Conference, Event, Etc
Boosting your brand visibility using the conference is prices. So, don’t be afraid to use a company or event logo in your name badges in South Africa.
#3. Consider the Guest’s Attire
The type of name badges you use can reflect either positively or negatively on your conference. The good thing is that there are many options out there — lanyard, clips, magnetic, and so forth. Make sure to use name badges in South African that will not prick or damage the fabric. No guest wants to leave your conference with adhesive stains, wrinkles or holes in their clothes.

#4. Keep your Name Badges Brief, Clean, and Legible

Generally, the first name, last name, and the company name are sufficient for conference name tags. More importantly, don’t overcrowd the badge with too many titles. The rule of thumb is to use a font size (usually 24pt) that’s large enough to be visible from a few metres away.
#5. Go Social
In the digital age, it is okay to include social media info on your name tags. Be sure to add twitter handle, Facebook page, etc.
#6. Right Placement can Make the difference
Ask the guests to wear the name badges just above the right breastbone for best visibility.
#7. Produce More Name Tags
Name badge nightmares come in many forms and can happen at any time. Be sure to have a makeshift booth with extra name badges.
#8. Use Colour Codes
Use different paper, background, or graphics to distinguish between ushers, speakers, and other guests.
#9. It Pays to Hire Pros
Be sure to hire a reputable company to design and make your name badges in South Africa.

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