Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Do Customize your Name Badges

Does your name badges represent your corporate image and vision?

If you have attended a corporate seminar, conference or workshop, the chances are that you know the importance of well-designed name badges in Durban. They make introductions and identification effortlessly easy. In fact, arming your team with high-quality name tags is perhaps the best decision you’ll ever make as a business owner.
Why invest in top-notch name badges? As you might already know, name tags serve three fundamental purposes:
(1) They help enhance brand awareness and exposure
(2) Name badges make identifying a person a breeze
(3) It helps your team exude of professionalism
With that said, it’s important to note that name tags manifest your company’s image and its ideals. That’s why it pays to uphold its purpose and etiquette. Consider the following name badges dos and don’ts to ensure that these nifty corporate tools are working in your favour, not against you.

#1. Do Customize your Name Badges

If you want to get the most of your name tags, you need to tailor them to suit your particular needs with a choice of colours, sizes, finishes, and fittings. It’s also essential that the colour palette should match up to your brand’s colours.

#2. Do Put your Name Tag on your Right-Hand Side

It doesn’t matter if you are left-handed or right-handed, placing the name badge on the right-hand side will get you more eyeballs and traction. It’s where the line of vision will be when you’re shaking hands.

#3. Don’t Place the Name Badge Elsewhere apart from the Left Pocket

Placing your name-tag loosely on your sleeve, on your bag, or below the pocket of your shirt defeats its purpose. Pin it always on the right side of your chest so that others can see it from a reasonable distance.

#4. Don’t Begin with your Title

While you might be proud of your position at your job, you don’t want to be tagged with it. Instead, indicate your first and last name on your quality name badges in Durban. The title, if it’s necessary, can come after your name.

#5. Do Use Appropriate Font

It’s important that you use large, simple, and easy-to-read fonts when designing your name tags. Don’t include any squinting text or inconsistency. The bottom line is that illegible fonts are a big no-no for your name badges.

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