Sunday, 4 March 2018

4 Service Industry Niches that Require Magnetic Name Badges

Magnetic name badges are now all the rage - and with good reasons:

They are effortlessly easy to use: It’s easy to secure them onto your coat, shirt, hat, blouse or any other type of work clothing.
They don’t damage your clothing: They don’t leave holes in your shirt, suit or blouse
Safe: they are much safer than most lanyards and pin back name tags
They look and feel professional

It’s for the reasons above that magnetic name badges in Johannesburg have gained traction with several different service-oriented industries, including the following four:

(1) Banking

Employees of banks, lending companies, and other financial firms are always required to look the part. In order to go above and beyond customers’ expectations, they have to wear magnetic name tags to look professional and make customer service effortlessly easy. With well-designed name badges in Johannesburg, banks can stand out in a sea of competition.

(2) Car Sales and Dealerships

There is a cut-throat competition in the car sale industry. With more models, more car dealerships, and more options available to consumers, it’s always important to have employees wear magnetic name badges in Johannesburg to deliver excellent customer service. In this type of sales, good customer service and establishing trust with clients are not only necessary but also the key to success. To do that, the sales team has to use custom magnetic name badges to make communications easy and to create a professional brand.

(3) Travel and Hospitality

Whether you operate an airline, travel agency, a resort or a hotel, your customers want to feel that they can trust your company and your team every step of the way. What can help you do that? Use magnetic name badges in Johannesburg to help introduce your salespeople and professionals to travelers.

(4) Food and Beverage Industry

Every customer who visits your pub, restaurant, cafe, hotel or bistro, has to feel that they can trust you and your workforce. By equipping your team with magnetic name badges, your customers will feel welcomed and appreciated without much fuss. It’ll also help your business to build loyalty with customers.

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