Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Professional Name Badges Can Do Wonders for Your Company

Professional Name Badges Can Do Wonders for Your Company

There’s no question that well-designed name tags play a crucial role in any company. From security to trade shows and more, domed name badges are indispensable to all aspects of the business. But did you know the benefits of name tags go beyond identification?

#1. Domed Name Badges Can Enhance Customer Service

Don’t just take our word for it. A study conducted by UK customer experience consultant Shopper Anonymous revealed that retail garden shops increased their customer satisfaction ratings by a whopping 12% when they used domed name badges. The study involved 10000 unique shoppers across three nations: UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

#2. Name Tags Improve Employee Morale

Domed name badges have been part of the standard-issue uniform for years, and are the staple for brand awareness. A recent independent research has found out that the customers perceive employees who wear name badges as being more professional, friendly, and approachable. This promotes a sense of belonging which can improve morale as well as customer care.

#3. Benefit of Repeated Exposure

Company-branded domed name badges provide your business with brand repeated exposure. Every time customers walk into your premise; your brand is consistently instilled in their brains.

#4. Name Tags Help with Brand Promotion

Instead of spending oodles of cash on your next significant marketing or re-branding campaign, think about the impact new domed name badges have in making your brand awareness possible. A well-designed name tag with the company logo can get the right message across to the right audience, creating more leads at no additional cost.

#5. Paint Your Brand in the Best Light Possible

Your customer-facing employees can use branded, domed name badges to paint your brand in good light. If they are well designed and made, name tags can take brand promotion and marketing to the next level.

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