Friday, 11 August 2017

Advantages of Magnetic Badges Durban

Custom made badges are a great way to advertise your business. Badges are used for identification purposes as well as for the promotion of your business.  Badges come in different designs, colours, shapes, styles and materials, you choose the badge that best represents your brand.
Customers can identify with your business by seeing the badge worn by your employees, customers feel like they can trust someone who is wearing a badge.  Name tags make it easy for people to identify people as It has the employees name, designation and possibly the logo of the company. Choosing a magnetic badge is a wise choice.

Advantages of Magnetic Badges

Traditional name badges used to have a pin to hold the badge in place, however this caused damage to clothing. The advantages of having a magnetic badge are:
  • They are easy to put on and take off
  • Adding a magnetic stripe to your card , helps to rewrite the data
  • Magnetic badges are more secure than most barcodes.
  • Because there are two pieces to a magnetic badge, the first piece which contains the name is placed on the outside and the second piece is the fastener which is placed on the inside. These two magnets will keep the badge in place.
  • Magnetic badges are cheaper and work well for small businesses and big corporations.
The magnetic badges contain the business that the wearer belongs to.  Taking this principle and using it for promotions, promotional companies came up with using custom badges to help business promote themselves.  A good provider will custom design your badges, depending on your requirements. Your design should be captivating and eye catching.
Security is of utmost importance today and giving custom identity badges to your staff is a step to improving your security.  Identity cards can also be a useful administrative tool that can increase efficiency in dealings with the government and private companies.  From security companies,  to police forces and civilian organisation and  various events, custom badges are used by many people every day.

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