Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Our magnetic name badges have high power magnet attached to the badge

Our magnetic name badges have high power magnet attached to the badge. This means no more pins. Magnetic name badges will help reduce wear on your clothing. Magnetic name badges are easier to apply. The weight of the magnetic name badge is made lighter by using a plastic board with a thin aluminum sheet to give the Gold or Silver finish to the back.  Magnetic name badges are also available in white and full colour print.

We have no colour limits to our name badges so full colour logos are allowed or even a full background. To order or for more information regarding our magnetic name badges please contact us for more information. We also have button badges for promotions and events and conference badge holders.  There is a minimum order on there so for more information please contact us.

Pin Name Badges

If you looking for a cheaper option or you just do not like magnetic name badges then the pin badge is the option for you. The name badges are cheaper than the magnetic name badge due to magnet material costing more. These are ideal for schools or as a cheaper option for casual staff or staff who tend to loose their name badges often.  No matter which name badge you go with magnetic or pin name badge both are made with high quality materials and are hand made with care and attention to detail.

When deciding on a colour for your name badges please be aware of your logo colours before making a decision, for example if your logo you require on the name badge has grey in it then you should not choose a silver background. We can only advise but the choice is yours

Name badges and name tags are basically the same thing but some clients are using the term name tags incorrectly. When ordering name badges or name tags be sure to understand what you are ordering. Our name tags could refer to conference name tags which are clear with a pin or clip or both.

Have a resin dome that is clear but raised on the name badge, The name tags have a clear plastic which you can print a card size print and slip in the clear slide for displaying names and details for the event or conference. NAME TAGS are used for conferences, corporate events, security entrance for identification and other applications.

Name Badges are for your everyday uniforms for waitrons, corporate staff, teachers etc.  They finish off a uniform and provide identification.  Photos may even be printed on the badge at no extra cost should this be necessary for your company's needs.

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